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What to expect...

  • You will each sign a waiver and pay via cash, check or paypal (friends and family).

  • We will drive to our destination (usually 1-2 hour drive from Santa Fe)

  • I will cover the instructions for the day and our arrival

  • Once we arrive, there may be a hike (no more than 30min-1hr) to the climbing wall. I will carry all climbing gear. You are responsible for carrying your food and water and any other personal items. Dress accordingly

  • Once to the climbing wall, I will set up the gear and instruct everyone on what you would do if climbing on your own with a partner (without a guide) and we will be prepared to begin climbing

  • I will cover all technical terminology and gear requirements, knots, harnesses, safety instructions, climbing tips and techniques, etc.

  • You will learn the basics of climbing, belaying, repelling, lead climbing or lead belaying once comfortable (with assistance), etiquette, terms and communication/language, etc.

  • We will climb at least two routes for a full guided day (up to 6 hrs including driving time)

  • There will be breaks throughout the day for water, lunch and enjoying relaxing nature time

  • Pack up and head home feeling awesome!

  • Often times I will incorporate yoga, meditation, nature walks, Art Therapy and Limpia clearing Ceremony if it feel appropriate or needed


*The flow of the day is dependent on

your fitness/experience level and cooperation


​What to bring...

  • Climbing helmet, harness or shoes you have (if any)

  • Water, food and medications for up to a 6 hour day(taken regularly or in case of an emergency)

  • Hiking boots or appropriate shoes for rugged terrain and dirt trails

  • Water, wind and sun protection (hat, jacket, glasses)

  • Anything you might want for comfort or personal needs (camera, feminine sanitary products, etc.)

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