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Gather in Gratitude

Imagine where, what or with whom you have gathered... Do you host or attend community or family gatherings? Have you gone to a performance or circled around a campfire? Maybe you collect something special to you or have held someones hand? Whatever it may be, it is our deepest instinct to gather and be connected with others. Whether it be with nature, our family and friends, community or spirit, we all require our own varied amounts of contact with others. By being seen and being witness to others, we learn about ourselves and develop compassion and a new perspective of the world around us. 

Playful Passages invites and welcomes all people to the table and to the outdoors with the intention to see each other as a unified whole, while also acknowledging the unique gifts we each carry. I offer community events around the world with the intention of connecting to diversity of the land and one another. 

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    Sun, Jun 09
    Playful Passages
    Jun 09, 2019, 4:00 PM – 5:27 PM
    Playful Passages, Light Vessel Santa Fe, 199 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA
    Mindful Storytelling and Art Making Series
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