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One of the essential elements to Playful Passages is the path to Re-Wilding. For me,

Re-Wilding is reclaiming and recalling our everlasting relationship to the Earth by immersing ourselves in the immense wisdom and beauty nature provides.

I believe through skin to soil interaction we are able to heal, center and ground ourselves, go with the flow, remember who we are and understand ourselves more deeply. 

Re-Wilding is restoring and protecting our innate and sacred relationship to the wild places within and around us.


By providing hands on connection with the Earth we develop a compassionate awareness of the elements while in turn developing an awareness of our internal landscapes. We remember the healing power of play, the Earth and what it is like to be wild again!

I feel deeply that our livelihood, vitality and happiness depend on our connection with the Earth. It is part of my mission to support individuals in remembering who they are and their life purpose through their relationship with the soil and critters which we share this planet with. It is important that everyone feel and express their wildness by having direct contact and communication with the Earth. Through this connection we build awareness and compassion for the Earth as well as ourselves. 


Sessions may include...

Nature walks or treks

Art Therapy outside

Meditation and mindfulness

Grounding and self soothing techniques

Nature awareness practices

Rites of Passage Ceremony

Rock Climbing or Kayaking


"Since I was a young girl I have always been inspired by the wilderness. I spent most of my time playing outside where my imagination and bare feet could take root and explore! I found solitude, safety, self-awareness and acceptance in these wild places. By developing a strong connection to nature I was able to expand my awareness of my inner and outer worlds. This relationship allowed me to heal pieces of myself when it felt like nothing else could. As a result, I have found a deep love for preserving and protecting the soil in which we live as well as the bodies in which we each are carried. It is my greatest pleasure and passion to bring people back to the Earth to develop a conscious loving relationship with nature as well as themselves.

By loving ourselves we can love the Earth!" 

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