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Nature-Based Counseling &

Expressive Arts Therapy

Hello there! 

You might be thinking to yourself, "What exactly is Nature-Based Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy?" "I am not an artist, I'm not creative or expressive, and I like being in nature but how is all of this going to help?" or "Isn't this just for kids?"

Well, first of all, this therapy practice is catered specifically to adults, couples and families (not just for kids). Second, there's no experience necessary. All levels are welcome! 

Most importantly, creative expression and connection to nature guides us directly to self awareness, self acceptance, self understanding and HEALING!

Often times, our mental fears or past experiences prevent us from getting where we want to be, however connecting to our creativity and being in nature allows the mind body heart and spirit to settle and be soothed in order for transformation, integration and healing to begin and take root.

When we are connected to our emotions and environment we are able to grow beyond limiting belief systems, stagnant lifestyles, unhealthy relationships, crippling dynamics, negative self talk, uncertainty, imbalances and dis-ease in order to develop confidence, mastery and grace while navigating the constant demands, changes and experiences in life. 

Sound interesting?

Have you been feeling stuck in destructive thought patterns or actions that keep you from mastering your goals, cultivating nourishing relationships, or optimal wellness?

Do you ever feel like you've tried just about everything but aren't getting the results you desire?

Are you comfortable but feeling unsatisfied with the day to day routine and looking for something unconventional and exciting or a new outlet for healing?

Have you had or are you experiencing powerful transitions (exciting, scary, painful, overwhelming or filled with grief) and you just need guidance and support getting through it?

Do you need to be heard, acknowledged and empowered for who you truly are in your life and work?

Are you ready to do what it takes to embody your power, authenticity, vitality and purpose?

Are you overwhelmed and unsure where or how to begin?

If you responded "YES!" to any or all of these questions, BOOK A FREE 30 min CALL to find out if this is right for you!

*First Sessions are Discounted*

In a series of sessions, I offer guidance and tools which support you to... 

  • Cultivate Greater Self-Love and Trust

  • Accomplish your Dreams and Goals with Clarity and Confidence

  • Untangle Free Yourself of Limiting Beliefs, Fears and old Patterns

  • Self-Soothe Stress and Anxiety

  • Connect to and Utilize the Innate Wisdom of Your Body

  • Gain Greater Resilience, Balance and Courage

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries and Supportive Relationships

  • Access and Enrich your Sensuality and Pleasure

  • Nurture and Identify your Inner Child and the other many parts of YOU

  • Deepen your Connection to HOME; the Earth and your body 

  • Develop, Navigate and Understand your Emotions

  • Expand your Creative Expression 

"I am so excited to meet you and honored to be a part of your healing journey!

Thank you for showing up and being willing to dive into the unknown."



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