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Outdoor Rock Climbing

I offer outdoor day therapeutic Rock Climbing sessions to beginners (those with no experience to those with some experience). I have chosen destinations in New Mexico that are easily accessible and beautiful. Each climbing area has designated routes specifically for climbing. Along the way you will be immersed in the unique landscapes and landmarks New Mexico has to offer.

One thing I love about climbing is that you are able to see the land from a different

perspective and often these areas take you off the beaten path to places serene and secret to the usual tourist or hiker. I have Rock Climbed around the world for about 10 yrs from The Red River Gorge in Kentucky to China. I have guided Climbing Summer Camps for ages 5-15 in New Mexico.


At the end of our time together you will have learned foundational climbing terminology and skills to improve your future experiences. You will feel more trust, empowerment, patience, confidence and connection with yourself and the outdoors as well as better communication skills with your climbing partner and in your personal relationships!

Climbing is a metaphor for our personal life and is a great tool for our growth and healing.

Groups of 3 $125/per person

1-2 People $150/per person 

Sunset on top of After Six route (Manure
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