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Expressive Arts Therapy

Emotions are our compass to navigate lifeOften we need more than words to express ourselves authentically. Creativity, play, movement and imagination give voice and understanding to our emotional landscapes. These tools allow us to reveal the root cause of our emotions, heal our deepest wounds, and discover the essence of who we are,

while enjoying the process!

I provide a safe, confidential, person-centered, and therapeutic space for adults, couples and families. I aspire to heal, hear and ignite the inner child within everyone through

creativity and imagination.

When we express and address our emotions with creative outlets, community support, and ceremonial space, we are able to go beyond limiting beliefs and lifestyles, into our innate ability to heal and live authentically.

Learn more about Creative Healing Art Therapy here.


During sessions, you will be guided through the creative process to...

Explore emotions

Reduce fear and anxiety

Increase self-esteem

Resolve conflicts

Release destructive patterns

Feel empowered and confident

Motivate and inspire

Build trust and safety

Accomplish goals

Increase personal freedom and fulfillment

Create healthy relationships

Develop self love

My most true self surrounded by nature,

"I began drawing and painting when I was a young girl. My father was a jack of all trades and was always tinkering on a side art project. I too would have my own paints and sketchbooks around spending hours drawing things I found or making fairy houses out of natural materials. Art has been a place of solace, self-realization and healing for me. I never stopped creating. It has been the foundation of my life. If there was ever an issue that arose for me I went to art as a way of finding myself again and nurturing my inner child. Although I have always been creative, it was not until age 22 that I began to learn the healing properties of art-making. This knowledge is the reason I dove into the sacred waters of

Creative Healing Arts Therapy!"


With Love,


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