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Rites of Passage

Simply put, a Rite of Passage is an intentional step forward or transition into something new; it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Shedding the old and embracing the limitless possibilities. 

I believe we experience varying degrees of rites of passage on a daily basis: the birthing and dying process, beginning or ending a new career or relationship, stepping into adulthood, accomplishing a goal, or having sex for the first time, etc.

Incorporating and celebrating these significant moments in our lives with intention, we enrich our connection to our community, ourselves, spirit and the natural world. 


When we experience a Rite of Passage, it is important to have a clear intention, safe space, appropriate guidance, self-reflection, connection to spirit and the natural elements, and adequate support from community/familyAdditionally, a rite of passage must be a challenge; strongly nudging us into the next level of our evolution and growth.

With these elements we are able to step fully into the next stages of our life, let go of what no longer serves who we are and where we are going, grow more deeply and expansively, feel integrated and a part of something larger than ourselves. We feel complete, centered, grounded and inspired!  


You will learn how to…

  • Incorporate ceremony into your daily life

  • Create your own ceremony or for a loved one

  • Feel worthy and valued

  • Build an altar for yourself

  • Create simple steps to accomplish what you want

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices

  • Meditate for relaxation, clarity, positivity, sexual vitality and self-awareness

  • Integrate the power of your intention to manifest your dreams

  • Feel more empowered and live authentically

  • Express yourself fully and confidently

  • Personalize traditional techniques to fit your lifestyle

  • Connect deeply with the earth and yourself

  • Overcome fears

During sessions, I guide you to incorporate ceremony and PLAY into your daily practice as well as significant life transitions. Together we determine what you want, find what brings you the most fulfillment and joy, establish simple steps to achieve your goal and create the type of ceremony that fits your needs!

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