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A Little About Myself...

  Hi there,

My name is Hannah Rapp. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Creative Healing Arts Therapist with a passion for utilizing creativity and nature to 

embody our wildest authentic expressions and healing.

My path and life's work emerged from a deep exploration of my emotional body, wild adventures, free-form movement and expansive transformation.

It is my greatest joy and calling to be witness to the human experience.

As a therapist I help individuals to remember their purpose, connect to and trust their intuition, listen to the wisdom of their body, identify and

understand their feelings, and live authentically

Through creativity, ceremony, movement and mindfulness I guide individuals to express themselves fully, to create a loving relationship to themselves and the Earth, and to

nurture their inner child.   


"Nature has profound ways of teaching us about ourselves.

The more we are connected to the life and death cycles of the Earth, the more we learn about

who we are and how to thrive in the world.

It is my mission to remind you of your part in this intrinsic relationship!"

Education & Experience

At Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I earned my Master's in Art Therapy and Counseling. My passion for Creative Healing Arts Therapy and self-exploration guided me to establish my private practice, Playful Passages.


I have worked with individuals at the Holistic Cancer Center in Santa Fe, NM. and provide Art Therapy services to clients receiving treatments at Light Vessel Santa Fe Wellness Center. I work with a range of individuals with various reasons for receiving therapy and a wade age range, however my preference is to work with adults 14 and up or families who are ready to take their lives and relationships to the next level of fulfillment!

Learn more about my Art Therapy services at the Light Vessel here.

I have been educated by mentors Katherine Ninos and Carol Parker, as a Vision Quest guide, assisting groups of all ages in a 4 day and 4 night solo fast in Canyon de Chelly wilderness and Death Valley. I also hold Limpia clearing ceremonies for those in need of an energetic or physical clearing through traditional Peruvian techniques.

Learn more about Limpia here.

Learn more about Rites of Passage here.


Additionally, I am a certified Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, creating 5 rhythm playlists and guiding groups of all ages in connecting to the innate wisdom of their body and internal landscapes, through dance.

Before I became an Art Therapist I was a rock climber, dancer, artist and avid adventurer. These influences have been constant threads of self-expression, personal growth, healing and transformation. My relationship with creativity and nature began as a young child. When I could not find the words to express my emotions, I found safety and understanding in wild places, creativity and my imagination. These outlets have guided me through life's challenges and brought me back to balance, purpose and authenticity.

Learn more about the therapeutic qualities of rock climbing click here.


I have found that one technique, activity or therapeutic approach does not fit all.

I have created a therapy practice to embody as many aspects of our

human experience as possible. 

You will explore the healing properties of movement, mindfulness, rites of passage, creativity and nature in some way shape or form

I am deeply honored and overjoyed to share these gifts with you and be witness to 

your path to healing! Thank you for showing up! 

With gratitude and joy, 


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