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Playful Passages works to re~establish your connection to nature as a teacher and pathway to greater self-awareness and healing

Welcome to Playful Passages Counseling!

I'm so glad you're here! You made it this far...

Are you ready to embody and express your fullest potential and

reconnect with your life's purpose?


My name is Hannah Rapp, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 

Expressive Arts Therapist and Artist.

It is my specialty to facilitate radical breakthroughs and growth for individuals, couples, and families through the creative process, ritual, somatics and connection with nature.


Together we clear out the limiting belief systems or habits that keep you from fully engaging with life, connecting to your body, cultivating healthy relationships, and deepening your relationship to your purpose, power, and emotional intelligence.

We explore and master what brings you optimal joy, self-love and

acceptance, resiliency and vitality!


Through a deep and caring therapeutic relationship, I will guide, support, and coach you in a supportive and nurturing environment where you can feel safe and FREE to express yourself on your path to healing, empowerment, and total fulfillment!



Uncover the beliefs that are holding you back!


Learn to express yourself authentically, maintain and establish harmonious relationships, achieve the lifestyle goals you desire, stop comparing yourself negatively

to others, and cultivate your optimal wellbeing and vitality. 

Are you ready to overcome destructive patterns and expectations?

Are you ready to embrace who you truly are?


“There is no doubt that Hannah was born to be an Art Therapist. Her love and compassion for humanity creates a positive, safe, trusting and healing environment.”

~Victor, Designer & Story-teller

Commit to yourself and the healing process...

  • Learn to embrace change and emotions with acceptance and ease.

  • Build relationships that feel supportive, inspiring, and fulfilling.

  • Enjoy your work because it is in alignment with your needs, passion, and purpose!

  • Feel balanced & safe; Be aware of & connected to your body, mind, & heart.

  • Finally feel self-worth, self-love, resiliency, and trust!

  • Be FREE to be who YOU decide and walk in the world with clarity, integrity, mastery and celebration!

I look forward to meeting you,
Hannah Rapp

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